Welcome to Nucane

A family of natural, healthier, low glycemic sugars that tangibly help in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

Of course, NUCANE is just part of the answer. We’d be the first to stress that over consumption of any carbohydrate is never a healthy idea, especially when it comes to sugar.

Ultimately, the shift to a healthier life is often about eating less. But, thanks to NUCANE, it can also be about eating “better sugar”, too.

Better still, you and your family can start enjoying the benefits today... because NUCANE is now available in supermarkets and, more importantly, in many of the foods that you already enjoy.

What’s all the excitement about?

The idea of a “better sugar” may sound like a bold claim; but here’s the six reasons NUCANE is now widely accepted as the sugar our bodies have been crying out for:

Less Processed

All-natural raw sugar cane means that Nucane is less processed and less refined.

Powerful Anti-Oxidants

Nucane contains natural anti-oxidants. Studies to the World Health Organisation standard have shown that they help reduce absorption of glucose.

Low Glycemic

Tastes Great

The natural flavor of Nucane often delivers a smooth caramel taste. Ideal for baking at home and adding to recipes.

Supports Sugar Reduction

These natural caramel notes in Nucane often add a little extra sweetness. Studies have shown you can reduce sugar by up to 10% by using Nucane. Try it yourself in your own recipes.

GMO Free

Nucane contains no additives, artificial ingredients or GMO foods.

The strong Science
behind the simple magic

The natural antioxidants retained in
Nucane have been scientifically shown
to work in two important ways.

First… they actively inhibit digestive enzymes to reduce glucose and fructose absorbed by the body. It’s NUCANE’s unique ability to “decelerate” the absorption of glucose that promotes the low glycemic effect that we hear so many doctor’s talking about.

(adapted from Piparo et al 2008, Ranilla et al 2008)

Secondly… the natural antioxidants in Nucane slow the ability of the body’s GLUT 2 protein to transport available glucose into the blood stream. This helps reduce blood sugar increasing and therefore promotes a low glycemic effect.

(adapted from Kwon et al 2007)

The Nucane Family

The good news is that, thanks to its unique benefits, NUCANE is fast becoming available in a range of products and recipes. That includes supermarkets, baked goods, chocolates, ice-creams and many other foods that we all love to eat. You can identify these products by looking out for the Nucane logo in-store.

You can find out more about us at the following links (Facebook / Instagram).

Making a difference,
the world over

The benefits of switching to NUCANE make sense for all of us; young and old, across the globe. So, we’re working fast to ensure that NUCANE is soon available everywhere in the world. On the map below, you can see the many places that we have already launched or coming soon.

Our mission is to supply technologies to cane sugar mills to produce the Nucane family of brands. In this approach, cane sugar mills all over the worlds are then empowered to produce these products to supply directly to their retailers and food and beverage manufacturers that you may buy everyday. This Nucane website is therefore designed for general information only regarding our family of Nucane brands.

We are proud of our innovation and believe in the power of our science based approach to finding healthier choices for people everywhere. For specific benefits or claims for any product made by manufacturers that contain Nucane, which may have been approved by regulators in your country, the best thing to do is to please refer to all of their on pack information including the nutrition panel as your guide.

Learn more, make good decisions

As you know, reducing our risk of diabetes and obesity are not just about the type and amount of carbohydrates we eat, but it’s definitely a smart place to start.

But we believe a healthier life can be built on so much more, such as how much exercise we do, choosing more natural and nutritious food, quality rest and relaxing with family and friends. All these things may just help win the battle to a longer, healthier and happier life for you and the people you love.

The more we know about the choices we are making, the better off we will be. Below are some independent people, places and brands that we both admire and have been inspired by. They may also help provide you with good information or ideas on how you can chose healthier decisions in your everyday lives.

Read, question and inform yourself on this very crucial subject. If you do like what you learn about NUCANE (or any of these other brands), ask your family and friends to do the same. Perhaps they’ll thank you, and their bodies may too!